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Dhaka Flow Online Workshop

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Breathe in love, breathe out stress By Dhaka Flow 

breathe in love breathe out stressLearn Breathwork With @Shazzy Om

15 Aug 05:00 PM – 15 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–Breathe-in-Love–Breathe-out-Stress-646b16f31c33828148fcb233

We are What we Eat By Dhaka Flow

We are What we EatLearn about nutrition with @Nayma

16 Aug 05:00 PM – 16 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–We-are-What-we-Eat-646f4a371c33828148fce81e

Respect Yourself By Dhaka Flow

Respect YourselfLearn to draw healthy boundaries with @Srabonti Ali

18 Aug 05:00 PM – 18 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–Respect-Yourself–646f33d41c33828148fce5be

Stillness is the Altar of Spirit By Dhaka Flow

Stillness is the Altar of SpiritReconnect with yourself with @APARNA

19 Aug 05:00 PM – 19 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–Stillness-is-the-Altar-of-Spirit-646f3ded1c33828148fce626

Yoga is for the Mind, Body and Spirit By Dhaka Flow

Yoga is for the Mind, Body and SpiritBring balance and symmetry to your life with @Suman

21 Aug 05:00 PM – 21 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–Yoga-is-for-the-Mind–Body-and-Spirit-646f44071c33828148fce70b

Good Morning, Sun! By Dhaka Flow

Good Morning SunLearn the yogic sun salutations with @Faria

22 Aug 05:00 PM – 22 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–Good-Morning–Sun–646f48231c33828148fce7fb

The True Journey is Inwards By Dhaka Flow

The True Journey is InwardsLearn core strengthening through yoga with @EEMAN

23 Aug 05:00 PM – 23 Aug 06:00 PM

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Dhaka-Flow–The-True-Journey-is-Inwards-646f45c01c33828148fce72b


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