Dhaka Flow is a wellness movement in Bangladesh. Dhaka Flow aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle of self-growth, joy and gratitude. By devoting time to take care of ourselves, we can show up better, and subsequently, we will be in a better place to build a better nation.

Dhaka Flow promotes wellness through festivals and retreats, events and gatherings, social media, and more!

Dhaka Flow: Festival of Yoga & Wellness in 2022 December brought together over 30 vendors of wellness products, 30 fitness teachers and healers, and 1000s of people, to build community, celebrate health and healing, honor the environment, and elevate the spirit.

Dhaka Flow Retreats take place in beautiful parts of the country, bringing together groups of 20-30 influencers, change makers, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, artists and fitness experts, to promote healthy living and positive change within the community. Through the beneficial tradition of yoga and incredible outdoor adventures, good food and fresh air, we hope to inspire our youth to explore their spiritual, social, and natural environments.

Our vision of Dhaka City is a space that is free, healthy, clean, inclusive and green. Our festival will be conducted with zero plastic waste. We also uphold the principle of ahimsa which means non-violence towards any living being, and as such, our food stalls will ALL offer vegetarian meals only.”

Step away from the chaos of our urban cage, and into the stillness of your own heart, through yoga and mindfulness. Surrender to the flow. Lightness of body, freedom of mind.