Finding Myself through Yoga

Faria Athar Khan :

I started Yoga eight years back as a physical activity. Fortunately, within a short time I was able to understand the spiritual aspect of Yoga in my life. I believe everything has a right time in our life journey.

After introducing myself to yoga I discovered a new me inside of me. I got to see life from a new perspective. With regular practice of yoga, a full transformation came about: physical and mental. The new strength this released helped me achieve my full potential: as a marathon runner, a devoted teacher, a mother, a wife – overall a better human being. And that’s why I am a passionate yogi today.

While performing all my regular duties, I never forget to make time for my practice. I start my day with Dhyana Pranayama. On a weekly basis, I conduct six to nine classes for my students. Whenever I get the chance, I do my own practice. Yoga is the only thing which helps me keep myself physically, mentally and spiritually aligned. I started my journey at first to become a physically fit person but eventually I fell in love with Yoga. Now I am a certified Yoga teacher.

I completed my Yoga Instructor Course from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University Bangalore. Currently I am pursuing an MSc degree in Yoga therapy at the same university.The hidden essence of Yoga inspired me immensely. I started studying about it and I continue to attend workshops and courses at home and abroad. Given that I am a Hatha Yoga practitioner, I want to learn about yoga in a more authentic way. Continuing with that intention, I also went to Isha Yoga Foundation in Coimbatore India. The Inner Engineering program transformed my life completely. Later I completed the CTAA Accredited Teachers Training Course from England. I adopted Yoga as my lifestyle and I believe it’s a lifelong journey. Since this ancient method helped me to discover the unopened chapter of life, I love to spread this life enhancing source to everyone. From that motto I started teaching Yoga. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to serve people and children struggling with mental illnesses, adults in addiction recovery and enthusiastic athletes.

I have my own Yoga studio, “Yogmind by Faria” in Mohakhali DOHS where I teach ladies ranging from ages 13 to 60 plus. I want to share the capacity of life enhancement through yoga with everyone, especially with women – those who have so much potential and untold chapters in their life. Yoga is a subject which helps us to know who we are and what we really want. Yoga gives us an immense amount of physical, mental and spiritual growth. Among the eight limbs of Yoga, the most popular one is Asana (physical activities) as well as Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Dhyana (meditation). We also practice the other five limbs of yoga in our daily lives but we generally don’t acknowledge that. Like discipline, self control and contentment. Yoga is a complete science which can make our lives not only healthy but also easy and smooth. By reducing our worldly desires we can get immense amounts of pleasure, only through practicing Yoga. At the same time, the Yogic treatment can ensure a disease-less life. Even a bedridden person can be treated by doing Pranayama and Kriya. Every step of our daily lives demands mindfulness. Only Yoga can make one’s life full if we adopt the true essence of Yoga. And that is the reason why till the last day of my life I want to spread the essence of Yoga.


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