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Instructor: Nabila Rahman


About This Event

Have you ever sensed that your life holds a greater purpose? A purpose that resonates with hope, love, joy, connectedness, and boundless abundance? Yet, the path to finding this elusive life purpose can often remain shrouded in mystery.

Join me in the transformative “Discovering Life’s Purpose: A Journey of Self-Discovery & Meaning” workshop, a profound 2-hour experience where you’ll embark on a unique expedition into your inner self.


Workshop Agenda

-Introduction: Setting the Stage for Your Journey

-How do we discover our purpose in life?

-What is your Purpose? Unearth the Depths of Your Inner Calling

-Why Transform Consciousness? Raising Vibration and Expanding Consciousness

-Creating Purpose Beyond Yourself

-Why Choose Life on Earth?

-Finding Purpose

– Insights & Wisdom from Great

-Leaders and Change Makers

-The Power of Meaning: Discover the Profound

-Impact of Purpose -Paths to Meaning: Navigating Your Personal Journey

-Guided Meditation: Connect with Your Inner Self

-Questions with Journaling: Decode Your True Self and Uncover Core Purpose

-Create an Action Plan: Incorporate Your Purpose into Daily Life

Q&A: Clarify Your Insights and Discoveries


Class Fee: 2000 BDT

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/A-Journey-of-Self-Discovery—Meaning-by-Nabila-Rahman-64f9dad53235e537aee91108


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