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“Valencia with Shazia has been a complete catharsis of an experience. Shazia creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that allows us to show up as our authentic selves and connect deeply with ourselves and each other while going deeper into our practice of yoga. 

Never have I ever looked forward to waking up early every morning so much to start the day with pranayama and yoga. It raised my vibrations and set the tone for the day. Shazia provides personalized attention and guidance which allowed me to deepen my understanding of the poses and improve my practice of yoga and pranayama. 

We had workshops, meditation, and other introspective practices throughout our time in Valencia that helped me connect with myself on a deeper level, gain insights  into the trappings of my own mind, and release them to unlock spaces in my head and heart I didn’t know existed. My favorite part of the retreat is the deep, deep connections I got to make with the other attendees…we shared meals together over our stories, explored the local areas, had rich conversations and laughed over silly things, and I felt a sense of community that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. 

I came away feeling deeply nurtured and nourished, with my heart full of love and gratitude,  and a strong resolve to hold on to the practices that allow me to feel light (release the stored stresses in my body) and create that space between my thoughts and my actions and show up as the best possible version of myself. This was the complete reset that i needed and I highly recommend retreats with Shazia to anyone looking for a transformative and deeply enriching yoga experience.” – Donna Sitwat

“I’m also so so so grateful I could make it to this yoga retreat. Better late than not to be there. I’m grateful I met all you amazing souls. I’m grateful for all the wisdom and teachings from this trip thanks to Shazia apu. I loved the level 10 exercise and the gratitude listings everyday. All the writings including the transformations etc. (I arrived late but I did my homework). Few days back, my friend was having a rough day and I told her about the gratitude journaling we do and she did 3 things she’s grateful for with me on call and immediately felt lighter. She was having a hard time with her toddler having tantrums. I am so happy I was able to help her thanks to  Shazia apu. Grateful for all I learnt.” – Arshiya


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