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Instructor: Nayma Hasan


About the Instructor:

Nayma Hasan is currently working as a Health and Nutrition Coach for the working professionals to help them get into healthier lifestyle habits. Being in the IT industry for more than 3.5 years she has realized how a sedentary life has affected our overall health and wellness. How the work stress has affected our relationship with family and food. How attending meetings, having lunch in restaurants have a great impact on our nutritional level. She has taken the leap to help people get better health and a great lifestyle by empowering busy professionals, work on developing a healthy eating habit & hack their goal body weight.


Workshop Details:

This Nutrition & Lifestyle Habit session aims to promote well-being through understanding mindful eating, Food Habit improvements, portion controlling and Lifestyle change (like stress Management, emotional wellbeing and sleep cycle management-optionalt) practices**. With a focus on Proper portioned diet and mindfulness, we will guide participants with better understanding of their individual portions, How they can improve food habits, how they can take action towards their physical and mental well-being. In a world filled with fast-paced routines and endless dietary advice, it’s time to pause, savor, and transform your relationship with food. “Mindful Bites: Nutrition Reimagined,” a transformative workshop designed to teach you to embrace your own dietary habits and help you build the right routines that is practical.

This workshop is a holistic journey that goes beyond calorie counts and fad diets. It’s about cultivating mindfulness in your eating habits, fostering a deep connection with the foods you choose, and embracing a sustainable approach to wellness. Through a series of engaging, interactive session , and personalized guidance, you will discover how to nourish your body, mind, and soul like never before.


Session Structure:

-Health Assessments and Introduction (20 mins )

-Listen and share some of their struggles(Building rapport) (10 mins)

-Nutrition Discussion on different topic Based on Key Workshop Highlights below. (30 mins)

-Stress,emotion & Sleep Improvements for regulation of better health (15 mins)**(optional)


-Discussion on the action steps that are more practical for employees (30 mins)

-Come up with Action Plans for individuals (1 hours 30 mins)** (optional)

-Q&A and Closing Remarks (30 mins)


The session will be designed to accommodate participants of all fitness levels and experience, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Class Fee: 2000 BDT

Ticket Link: https://partyinvite.club/e/Mindful-Bites–Nutrition-Reimagined-by-Nayma-Hasan-64f9bfa83235e537aee91076


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