Feed Me

Feed Me delivers calorie based meal plans to subscribers on a daily basis. The food is delivered early in the morning everyday. Our meal plans vary from maintenance to women dealing with PCOS to weight-loss and even for weight gain. We have different menus for salads and soups as well. We deliver on Foodpanda to reach a base other than the clients we have as subscribers. Our clients have to usually pick between a weekly and monthly plans as thats how we asses them. We usually start by taking their basic information as their weight, age, height and their physical activity. We have a google form as well that has further details we need to calculate their caloric needs. We have our own calculator for it as well that was designed by our Canadian Nutritionist.
The menus we have vary on a wide selection of cuisines starting from Chinese, Italian, Mexican and local menus as well. The number of meals we serve is very different so that our clients don’t get bored by eating the same meals. We serve 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. It depends on clients and their personal wants as well.


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