University Press Limited (UPL)


A pioneer in academic and scholarly publishing in Bangladesh, UPL has cultivated the work of some of Bangladesh’s best scholars and literary talents. Our catalog includes books on politics, governance, history, sociology, development, gender, education, health, environment, anthropology, religion, economics, autobiography/biography, and a commendable collection of literary titles – in both English and Bangla languages. UPL’s scholarly publications are considered some of the best resources for research on Bangladesh and are highly sought after by academics worldwide. Our literary collection also presents the works of brilliant writers in the poetry, fiction and short story genres.

UPL’s Keystone Road to Bangladesh Series presents a comprehensive collection providing a well-rounded narrative of the events of 1971 and the emergence of independent Bangladesh. This collection, which UPL is dedicated to keeping permanently in print, includes a large number of primary sources, analysis, and literature relating to the Bangladesh Liberation War.

UPL was formed in December 1975 by Mohiuddin Ahmed, the former editor of Oxford University Press, Pakistan. Besides its own publishing activities, UPL has been the Bangladeshi distributor for several foreign publishers and has also worked with a wide range of international publishers, including Zed Books, Cambridge University Press, Kumarian Press, Women Unlimited and Zubaan Books, to create high-quality collaborative volumes. UPL’s catalog includes more than 600 titles in print, making us one of the most distinctive institutions in Bangladesh, committed to building a knowledge-based society.

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