Dyuti Singh


Dyuti Singh is a dedicated yoga instructor and advocate for holistic well-belay Her journey into yoga was born out of personal challenges_ including post-C-section complications and persistent lower back pain. Fueled by a desire for a healthier lifestyle and a onging for a connection to tradition, she turned to yoga as a transformative solution Dyuti drew inspirations from the teach ngs instilled by her late father. who was a disciplinarian and a yoga practitioner She embarked on a formal yoga training journey in India specializing in Hatha. Vinyasa. and Therapeutic yoga from various Yoga schools. Today, Dyuti can vouch for the profound impact that yoga has brought to her lifer terms of establishing a disciplined daily routine, enhancing physical and mental flexibility. fostering patience, and instilling ethical principles like ‘asteya’ (non-stealing) Working as a fashion entreprenuer Dyut ensures that her mornings begin with yoga practice, followed by preparing nutritious meals for the family. Beyond personal growth. Dyuti is committed to giving back to society by teaching yoga at the International Cue and hosting online charity classes all with the aim of spreading the gift of yoga to as many individuals as possible Dyuti believes that authentic learning and dedicated practice are the keys to mastering both body and breath in the realm of yoga.


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