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7 Yoga Retreats

Strengthen your body, soften your breath,
explore nature, deepen friendships & transform yourself.


August (24-26)
Forest bathing in Ratargul Swamp

Forest: Solo/ Shared = 30k / 22k BDT
Hill: Solo/ Shared = 35k / 25k BDT

Sri Mongol
September 28-30
Hike to HumHum Waterfalls + Lawa Chara Rainforest

Solo/ Shared = 20k / 16k BDT
Featuring By Suman/ Dyuti

Matati, Chittagong
September (14-16)
Hiking in the Bhatiari Hills

Rooms: Solo/ Shared: 35k/ 25k BDT
Glamping: Solo/ Shared: 20k/15k BDT

Sri Lanka
October (14-20)
Yoga, Surf, Temple Trek, Hiking, Galle

Sea View: Solo/ Shared = 950 / 750 USD
Deluxe: Solo/ Shared = 850 / 700 USD
Bungalow: Solo/ Shared = 800 / 550 USD

Cox’s Bazar
November (03-06)
Yoga + Surf

Standard: Solo/ Shared = 30k / 25k BDT
Deluxe: Solo/ Shared = 40k / 30k BDT
Featuring By And_zen

November (23-26)
Yoga + Heritage Walk@ Paharpur Monastry

Standard: Solo/ Shared = 28k / 32k BDT
Featuring By Aparna/ Tas

December (01-03)
Yoga, meditation, forest bathing, music & celebration

Join us for yoga, meditation, breathwork, fresh air the sublime beauty of nature, detoxifying healthy meals, dancing, music, chanting, friedship, journaling, shadow work, gratitude, taking stock of your passions connecting to your purpose.

Three days a month to realign with your heart-center.

Connect with us to participate…

E-mail: [email protected]

7 yoga retreat


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