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Matita Magic – Yoga Retreat

Matita, Sylhet Matita, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Matita Magic - Yoga Retreat Sept 14-16, 2023 Yoga, meditation, nature hikes. Rooms: 35K solo / 25K shared Glamping: 20K solo / 15K shared Rejuvenate your soul: yoga, wellness and nature unite at Matita. To register, please email: [email protected]


Sylhet Yoga Retreat , Bangladesh

Forest cabin: solo/ shared = 30k / 22k bdt Hill cabin: solo/ shared = 35k / 25k bdt

Awaken Your Intuition

Valencia Yoga Retreat , Spain

"Valencia with Shazia has been a complete catharsis of an experience. Shazia creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that allows us to show up as our authentic selves and connect deeply with ourselves and each other while going deeper into our practice of yoga.  Never have I ever looked forward to waking up early every...

Hum Hum Waterfall

Sri Mongol Yoga Retreat , Bangladesh

“From sunrise to sunset, I had the most serene and joyful time during my retreat in Sri mongol with Shazzy. This incredible human and phenomenal yoga teacher organized the perfect getaway. The transportation, the food, the activities, the hiking, the yoga and meditation sessions, the participants and community she built, all these factors created a...

Beyond + Within

Bandarban Yoga Retreat , Bangladesh

"Retreats with Shazia are an oasis where you are supported to deepen your connection with yourself, like-minded incredible humans, nature, adventure and yoga practice. You return rejuvenated and nurtured, empowered to deepen your practice and pursue your dreams. Couldn’t recommend her retreats enough! I’m grateful she exists and holds space for all of us to...

Jungle Bliss

Sundarbans Yoga Retreat

"Sundarbans yoga retreat was such a wonderful experience! It was so quiet, calm and peaceful and being in nature was so rewarding! Shazia is full of knowledge about yoga and shares it with you in a way that makes sense. I have done two of her yoga retreats now and feel so much better about...

Cosmic Flow

Cox's Bazar Yoga Retreat , Bangladesh

Reconnect 2 Your Soul Yoga Retreat

Sylhet Yoga Retreat , Bangladesh

"This one-of-a-kind retreat brings students and teachers together to learn and expand upon the unspoken language of assisting. Power Of Yoga's shazia you to an in-depth exploration of what is happening in the space of the practice and what is available to cultivate, to nurture, to strengthen, to build and to release. Are you looking...

Heart Healing

Koh Samui Yoga Retreat , Thailand

"Samahita experience curated by Shazia Omar has been a special one for me. Coincided with my birthday and the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, I have gone through a spiritual journey of transformation with each pranayama and asana session, aligning my intentions with what the world needs. Namira’s tarot reading session has confirmed...

Surrender to the Flow

Cox's Bazar Yoga Retreat , Bangladesh

"One of my best memories is of doing yoga on a platform right on the seaside and hear the waves coming in and receding, sounding like the ocean's own pranayama breathing! Actually many of the spaces, the dining area, the lounges, the gardens, the restaurant are completely open to the beach and the sea and...


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