Build Empowering Habits with Samskaras

Shazzy Om: “Discover the transformative potential within you.”

Every one of us has the potential to start from scratch and begin anew, but instead, we often find ourselves making decisions based on our ingrained habits. These routines shape our perceptions, influencing what we expect to see or hear. Whether we’re strolling down the street or stuck in traffic, our minds slip into familiar patterns of thought, wandering into autopilot mode. We ruminate on the past, plagued by regrets, or worry about the future. As a result, we miss out on fully living in the present moment.

In this article, I want to share some profound insights I gleaned from the brilliant book ‘Yoga for Emotional Balance’ by Bo Forbes.

Samskaras are the repeated patterns or conditioning that gradually form over time, shaping how we think and feel on a daily basis. These mental, physical, and emotional habits encompass both the positive ones, like regular exercise, punctuality, and respect for our elders, as well as the negative ones, such as chronic lateness, constant complaining, and failure to follow through on commitments. To better comprehend negative samskaras, let’s turn to an analogy. They are like almonds planted in the field of our consciousness. If these almonds are provided with favorable conditions, such as fertile soil, they will grow and yield the bitter fruits of agony. However, we must remember that these tendencies don’t define our identity; they are merely products of conditioning that can be unlearned or altered.

Set Goals and IntentionsIf you find yourself determined to break free from a detrimental habit, meditation is your most powerful tool. Through meditation, we gain clarity and develop the ability to dismantle negative patterns, creating space for the cultivation of new, positive ones. This process is referred to as neuroplasticity in scientific terms, revealing the brain’s remarkable capacity for reprogramming itself. You have the potential to evolve into a better version of yourself. Just as you would treat a child with patience and tenderness, extend the same grace to yourself during this transformative journey. Remember, change takes time.

Allow me to share some practical steps that can assist you in breaking free from negative samskaras while building positive ones:


Engage in self-reflection to identify your detrimental habits. Often, samskaras are deeply ingrained within us, and it’s only through intentional self-reflection that we become aware of their harmful effects. Yoga and meditation provide the ideal space for reflection, enabling us to recognize patterns that no longer serve us while embracing those that contribute to our growth. With each step of progress, you’ll notice the profound impact this has on your overall well-being.

Acknowledge and Accept

When we practice awareness, we start recognizing our thoughts, behaviors, and movements as samskaras. However, intellectual insights alone rarely lead to lasting change; they need to penetrate beyond the realm of the mind. Our bodies store emotional intelligence, and it’s important to integrate these insights physically and emotionally through the practice of yoga. It’s through this integration that we bridge the gap between knowing and truly embodying the change.

Set Goals and Intentions

Sankalpa, or intention, serves as a powerful tool for setting achievable goals. By establishing intentions, we establish a profound connection between our conscious mind and the deeper parts of our being that are often hard to access. This conscious use of sankalpa serves as a means of communication, clearly conveying our desires to our emotional and physical selves.

Be Disciplined

Tapas, the fire or discipline within us, is vital for igniting the psychological process of change. Stepping onto the yoga mat each day generates this inner heat, propelling us towards transformation. Motivation may not always be present, but we must take the necessary actions regardless. It is through this commitment that we can become more confident and resilient. Start by correcting your form and posture on the mat. Remember, perfection is not a prerequisite to being a yogi. What matters is recognizing our harmful patterns and gradually working towards burning them away.

By embracing these steps, you’ll find yourself on the path to liberating yourself from negative samskaras while cultivating positive ones. Remember, wellness is a journey, and yoga and meditation serve as invaluable allies in attaining holistic fitness and health. Dive deeper into the practice, explore various meditation techniques, and discover the profound benefits they offer for anxiety reduction and stress management. Let your mindset and attitude shape your happiness and let your dedication to fitness guide you towards a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

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